Hi fitness warriors!

Throughout this blog, we cover the healthy habits and lifestyle tips that allow you to perform at your peak on a daily basis.  This will allow you to show up as the best version of yourself in your everyday life – whether this be at work, in your relationships, or throughout your training. 

This blog will guide you through four stages of a morning routine: sleep, motivation, training and nutrition – at the conclusion of this blog, you will then be asked to create a 5-minute routine that you can complete each morning to ensure you perform at your peak each and every day! 

Aim to absorb and implement this content as best as you can and let’s get into it…

Stage 1 – Sleep:

The list of benefits of receiving quality sleep is countless for both our mind and body. This includes lowered blood pressure, heart rate, stress levels, and enhanced mental + physical-health!

Four steps to promote sleep quality:

  1. Make your room as dark as possible: 

This includes all adjoining rooms, charging lights and anything else that may bring light into your room. I recommend you complete this step at least 20-minutes before your desired sleep time.

  • Relax your mind and body: 

De-stressing your mind and body will allow you to fall asleep faster, easier and deeper as your heart rate and blood pressure will be beginning to slow down before your head hitting the pillow. Master this step by having a warm shower / bath / sauna 90 – 45-minutes before your desired sleep-time.

  • Activate your imagination:

Visualization (such as counting sheep) stimulates the area of our brain to which dreams originate from. This assists in accelerating your mind to enter a sleep-like state. The most common techniques for this step include reading a fictional book, visualizing a story in your mind (such as counting sheep): and lastly meditation. 

  • Wake-up at the same time each day:

This promotes the circadian rhythms process – placing your body on a specific sleep schedule results in improved sleep and promoted energy. >>Click Here<< to learn more about the ‘30-day wake up challenge’ and this step!

Stage 2: motivation

Finding your why is similar to discovering your intention / purpose. There are many effective techniques that boost your motivation each- day, such as journaling, meditation, scheduling and much more. Below I have placed three most effective techniques – implementing these techniques will enhance your motivation, purpose and energy each morning.

Four steps to promote motivation in the morning:

  1. Set three intentions:

When you step out of bed; write down three intentions. This can be anything, for example three intentions for the day, three reasons to be thankful today, three-goals you will achieve today. Our purpose by completing this step is to bring you into a state of motivation, purpose, excitement, and gratitude – all of which will enhance your energy and focus in the morning! 

  • Limit technology use:

More often than not – the first action we make is to look at our phones / devices once we wake up. This results in an attention shift and excess energy being used – causing ‘brain fog,’ fatigue, and ‘tiredness’ for the remainder of the day.

  • Manage your time: 

Do you feel unmotivated / un-energised when bored? This is where step three comes in… No matter your lifestyle, and / or what day of the week it is – it is important to have a clear plan of a morning to ensure you understand all tasks needing to be completed. 

Stage 3 – Activating your body:

Sufficiently activating your body will promote the performance of your body – both physically and mentally. Below are four steps to effectively activating your body in the morning.

Four steps to activate your body in the morning:

  1. Hydration: 

Hydrating your body is essential to perform at your best. My challenge to you is to consume two-glasses of 

  • Exercise: 

Completing physical movement in the morning can enhance your sleep, metabolism, and energy. In the morning, it is not always possible to complete your main workout each day – therefore, below I have included movements that can take between three-and-10-minutes to complete!

  • Three minutes of jumping jacks
  • Full-body stretches
  • Cam’s Crazy 8s warm-up session / Cam’s Crazy 8s-8-minute workout, or even
  • Going for a 5-10-minute walk!
  • Shock the body: 

The most effective way to master this step is through water – for example: taking a cold shower, ice bath, or going for a swim in the pool / ocean. Either way: the aim to expose your body to cold water for a minimum of three minutes. In doing so; you will boost your body’s energy, immune system, blood circulation, plus much more instantly! 

Stage 4 – Fuelling your body:

If you fuel a machine with an insufficient amount / source of fuel – your engine will not function properly and the likelihood of experiencing faults becomes greater – our body is no different… By placing insufficient fuel (foods) into our body, we can not perform at our peak. Resulting in: lack of energy, focus, and becoming more prone to illnesses and injuries; this makes nutrition a-leading component to optimising your health, wellbeing and energy!

Top ten foods to enhance your mind and body stimulation of a morning:

Top ten foods to consume:

  • Blueberries:
  • Oranges:
  • Bananas:
  • Eggs:
  • Avocados: 
  • Nuts / seeds (walnuts / pumpkin seeds in particular): 
  • Leafy greens (such as spinach, kale, rocket, bok choy, broccoli, etc):
  • Turmeric:
  • Natural honey: and
  • Water.

Incorporate the above foods through either liquids or solids; whatever you are most comfortable with. 

Implementing your new knowledge:

At the end of the day: creating a new morning routine is only going to work for the long-term if you keep yourself accountable, and have a strong purpose / drive to maintain this routine! 

I now want you to open a clean piece of paper and write down the answers to the below questions:

  • Question 1: How will you enhance your sleep quality using the four steps mentioned above? Write down your answer.
  • Question 2: What time will you wake up on a consistent basis each morning? Write down your answer.
  • Question 3: Where will you write down your three intentions of a morning, and how will you remind yourself to do so? Write down your answer.
  • Question 4: Once you have written your three intentions for the day – what will your morning routine look like? Incorporate hydration, movement, cold water, nutrition, etc. For example: consume two glasses of water, complete a Cam’s Crazy 8s warm-up session, have a 3-minute cold shower whilst, and then consume a water-based crush consisting of three of the ingredients mentioned previously.


If done correctly – the above four answers will specifically outline your new morning routine. Mastering the implementation of this will enhance your energy, motivation and performance for the long term.

If you currently feel as all of the above is ‘too hard:’ break down how much time you are willing to place aside of a morning – before writing a specific plan on how you will spend this time by incorporating your new and profound knowledge. If you struggle with implementing this new habit – I encourage you to complete the Control Your Habits program on our platform.


Overall: be sure to write down and answer the above four questions before concluding this lesson – as who knows what you can achieve on a daily basis once you have more energy, motivation, and a stronger purpose! 

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I’ll see you next time.

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